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NCP series controllable pitch propeller

With a propeller diameter range of between 1120mm and 8000mm and a maximum power of up to 34000 KW there are many vessel types and sizes that can benefit from a Stone Marine Propulsion NGC CPP propeller. Add to this the different types of shaft line that can be accommodated plus the availability within the design for a PTO to be supplied that can drive one or more shaft loads, a shaft generator or fire pump for example, and it becomes obvious that our CPP system can be designed for a wide variety of ship hulls and functions.

Our Naval Architects and Engineers custom design each CPP unit for the specific vessel to which it is being fitted. Apart from providing excellent performance the complete package will have been designed to produce the lowest cavitation possible and the construction will have been closely thought through to ensure the best structural design and material selection. The resulting package providing, not just excellent performance, but reliability and ease of maintenance.

With over 700 CPP's delivered in the last six years there is a considerable amount of experience now available to our customers who are also reassured by our products being built to the highest international standards.

  • NCP Model Series
  • Fully feathering design
  • Hydraulic System
  • Control System

NCP series models

Hub model Max blade dia. Max speed Transmission capacity Thrust
(mm) (rpm) (kW/rpm) (t)
NCP39 1670 550 2 12.2
NCP43 1845 530 2.6 15.5
NCP46 1980 500 3.5 20.5
NCP52 2250 450 4.3 24.5
NCP56 2400 390 5.5 28.5
NCP60 2600 390 6.8 33.5
NCP68 2950 280 9.6 42.5
NCP76 3300 230 13.8 51.5
NCP85 3700 230 20.1 62
NCP96 4200 230 27.6 78
NCP102 4350 230 32.8 83
NCP107 4600 230 36.4 92
NCP120 5200 230 54.2 109
NCP135 5900 220 80.6 130
NCP145 6250 200 110.2 140
NCP156 6700 200 160.5 152

Our CPP system is capable of fully feathering its propeller blades making it ideal for sailing vessels looking to minimise drag and resulting speed loss while sailing.

On twin-screw motor vessels, when operating requirements allow it, one propeller can be fully feathered providing significant improvements in fuel economy whilst steaming under one engine.

The greatest innovation that awaits a user of our CPP system is its ability to monitor required vessel speed and load, weather conditions and sea state, and then automatically set the correct propeller pitch to keep the required speed whilst maintaining maximum fuel efficiency. The system has different pitch control modes which allow the operator to select the one most relevant to the required operating requirements for example maximum power or, as described earlier, maximum fuel efficiency.

The highly advanced computerised monitoring system can be used on hybrid powered vessels, not just for propulsion efficiency, but also for battery use optimisation and monitoring and will ensure that the system is optimising regeneration of electricity as well as usage.

The hydraulic system of the NCP series CPP is composed of an OD box and a hydraulic power pack. The power is provided by a single and a double pump with the single pump as stand by and the main pump being driven by the gearbox. The two sets of electric pumps in the double pump power pack can switch between each other automatically.

The OD box can be mounted in front of the gearbox or on the shaft line as can be seen in the images below.

The ODG type OD box is installed on the gearbox output shaft. It is compact and easy to maintain.

The ODS type OD box is installed on the shaft line and normally used with slow speed diesel engines or long shaft systems.

Remote Control System

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